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Intercom System (IPB-PBX, PABX, Video Door Phone,)

TBISS can install an audio or video intercom system on your property today. Find out more about the capabilities of our intercom systems today.

we offer:

  • Multiple audio, reporting and control functions, from a single graphical user interface
  • Communication over analogue or IP networks In-cell multi-functional communication and facilities provision.
  • Operation of two-way-radio, pagers, PA systems and evacuation
  • Control desks with programmable functions(Call Center Setup)
  • Graphical user interface for visualisation of complex functions
  • Telephone system integration (emergency dialling, mobile / cellular and DECT telephones)
  • Multi-site networking.

TBISS provide a comprehensive range of intercom support services, including intercom repair and maintenance support contracts via service level agreements. Our support services cover an extensive range of best-of-breed intercom system manufacturers.

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